R1a relic (R1a*, R1a1*, R1a1a*, R1a1a1*

Haplogroup R1a, Relic Branches

•       R1a   L62/M513, L63/M511, L145/M449, L146/M420
•       •       R1a*   -
•       •       •       R1a1   L120/M516, L122/M448, M459, SRY1532.2/SRY10831.2
•       •       •      •       R1a1*   -
•       •       •      •       R1a1a   M17, M198, M512, M514, M515
•       •       •      •       •       R1a1a*   -

These are relic branches which are listed in descending order of SNP: M420-->SRY10831.2-->M198

Yellow pins mark haplotypes which belong to the paragroup R1a*, which is tested positive to M420 and negative to SRY10831.2. Pins with dots form a branch with rather recent common ancestor (1250±200 years before present), but it separated from the rest of R1a ca. 20000 years ago.

Red pins belong to the paragroup R1a1*, tested positive to SRY10831.2 and negative to M198. Pins without dots constitute a branch with relatively recent common ancestor, living 2500±400 years ago.

Blue pins mark a branch with DYS392=13, which is positive to M198, but negative to M417, corresponding to the paragroup R1a1a*. Its most recent common ancestor lived 2600±400 years before present, while the common ancestor with downstream subclades of R1a1a lived about 9000 years before present.

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