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In modern historical science to establish the origin of ethnic groups, in addition to the traditional scientific disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, mythology, and others — use and research in DNA genealogy, determining the degree of kinship of certain populations within a single ethnic group.

The new scientific discipline of identifying the origin of ethnic groups on the basis of DNA tests became ethno-genomics (other names — population genetics, molecular genetics), with sections of DNA-genealogy and DNA archaeology.

DNA genealogy study of the origin of surnames, families, clans, clans, using research as a research method in addition to the results of DNA tests, data traditional genealogy (i.e., working with archival documents on the history of surnames, established their and so on).

Another direction of ethnogenetic — DNA-archaeology works with Paleo-DNA, where we study the genome of fossil human remains recovered from burial mounds, the barrows of various archaeological monuments of the past.

The Bulletin will be posted materials on the ethnogenesis of the peoples of the world based on the latest comprehensive research on Ethnology, ethnogenetic, DNA genealogy, history and traditional genealogy.

This is a non-periodical publication (i.e. the numbers will go with the accumulation of material and publications).

The First issue came out in NOVEMBER 2014.


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Official name: The Bulletin of ethnogenomics-historical project "Suyun" 

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  1. The scientific organizations: EHP "Suyun" PhD of Technical Sciences R. R. Suyunov, Portugal (Vila do Conde);
  2. SF National clans DNA project", Russia (Moscow) A. B. Muratov;
  3. Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics, Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Ufa Research Centre RAS, Sc.D. Prof. E. K. Khusnutdinova;
  4. Institute of History of Language and Literature, Ufa Scientific Center of RAS, Sc.D. Prof. B. A. Aznabaev.



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122. The Swadesh list — 1. For Tyurkic, Paleo-Asiatic, Ankalaku and Amerindian languages of Shoshone, Yakama, Nez Perce, Chumash, Choctaw, Mohawk and Purepecha peoples / New! DNA-genealogy of tatar surnames — 6. Vol. 2-nd. Saetgarievs, Yurmi clan and ancient Hungarians (Magyars) The descendants of the Yamnaya culture's population - 2. The Sarmatians. Motives in the epos 'Ural-batir' about ancient migrations The descendants of the Yamnaya culture's population - Bashkirs from the Buryjan and Singran clans, R1b-KMS75 subclade Pelasgians and Balto-Slavic. The search for common roots The descendants of Botai culture, Sauromatians, Savirs-Khazars (MT-DNA — K1 and Y-DNA — Q-M242) Bashkirs i1. Part 2. The data of the full sequence of the representatives from i1-z140 sublade Tocharians-Turanians and Pseudotocharians-Tarimians. The traces of Chemurchek migration Great Chemurchek migration from France to Altai at the beginning of the III-rd millennium B.C. - 1 History of the study and linguistic analysis of the Tocharian languages The origin of Nogais clans by the results of ethnogenomical expeditions of EH Project "Suyun" — 2 About the descendants of Genghis Khan by data of ethnogenomics - 1. The merkitian warrior Chiledu was father of Genghis Khan? La coincidencias lingüística - 1. Idioma baskir y español The DNA-genealogy of Bashkirs tribes - 8. Ayle, Qir-Qangli, Asili-Qobau, Ithel-Elan clans The haplogroups of the representatives from ancient Turkic clans - Ashina and Ashide The answers to ''the reviews'' and works of philisopher and political scientist Zh.M. Sabitov in History and Ethnogenomics - 1 The DNA-genealogy of Bashkirs tribes - 5. The descendants of Muytens (Hurrians-Mitanni) The selected texts from article: 'The ancient tribe - Alan'' Oghuz clans: ethnogenesis and genogeography - 1 The Big-Y results of Buryjan Bashkirs. Vol. 1 The origin of Nogais claThe genogeography of 67-markers haplotypes R1a. Information: March 2017 ns by the results of ethnogenomical expeditions of EH Project "Suyun" — 1






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