The descendants of Botai culture, Sauromatians, Savirs-Khazars (MT-DNA — K1 and Y-DNA — Q-M242)

B. A. Muratov



The Ethnogenomics-historical project “Suyun”* tested a representative of the Thapa clan (Kshatriya varna) from Nepal. The results of his Y-DNA-test: 7162y Thapa-1 Indo-Aryan, Q-M242 (str)
Probably representatives of the Thapa clan from the haplogroup Q, are the direct descendants of the Botai archaeological culture's population, who lived nearest the Aral Sea[3] and who later mixed with the population of the Andronovo archaeological culture (R1a-Z94) in the 2nd millennium BC. In 1nd millennium BC the descendants of Andronovo and Botai people became known as the population of Karasuk archaeological culture…
We have also the result of Mt-DNA the woman from Israel with name Inna and she from K1 clade. 
I think, may be Inna is a descendant of Botai culture’s population, because:
a) We have the data of ancient Mt-DNA from the Botai culture, which is K1b2.
b) Inna has roots from Chuvash female line, and Chuvashs are the descendants of the Botai culture too (their ethnic history: Botais / Kyzs, Amazons —> Sauromatians —> Savirs —> Khazars-Suvars — Chuvashs). By the way, in the time of Justinian at the head of the Savirs stood a woman named Boariks, the widow of the leader of Bolah...
I presume that the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who described the origin of the Sauromatians, meant the population of the Karasuk culture. According to Herodotus, the Sauromatians appeared as the result of marriage of Amazons and Scythians[8], in fact Herodotus retold the ancient myth about the origin of the ancestors of the Sauromatians — Karasuk tribes.
In these versions there are arguments, for example: among the Sauromatians was the presence of matriarchy...
It's interesting that the movie of 2017 about Amazons playing Jewish actress Gal Gadot. Here we have there is a coincidence with scientific data. The Khazarian origin of some Jews is confirmed by genetic data (R1a-Y57, Q1a and etc). This film “Wonder Woman” is a very successful discovery by director Patty Jenkins for the role of the main character of the film — the actress Gal Gadot. 
Because, the Amazons is really historical existing ancient tribes, according of history they correspond to the people of the Sauromatians with their cult of matriarchy. In the middle centuries, the Sauromatians were known by name Khazars-Savirs. And the Israeli actress Gal Gabot by origin from the Khazars...


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